Initial Visit $150 (30 minutes)
Follow Up Visit $75 (15 minutes)

Logistics, and fees:

 First visit: $150 for 30min, $200 for up to 45min, $225 for up to 60min.

 Follow up visits: $75 for 15 minutes, $135 if up to 30min.

 My intention is to keep our follow up phone visits as simple and straight forward as possible - for your sake as much as mine. If I'm provided all the info above, the visits should be contained within the shortest amount of time listed above for each visit type.

 My approach to each person's case is to be more thorough upfront, both diagnostically and in providing some adjunct considerations, then over time, allow Richard the space to keep working with folks through diet, nutrition and other lifestyle management approaches, and providing the medicines as a supportive measure on an as needed basis, rather than make medications the primary means of intervention. I don't want to overcomplicate things for people, yet I also want to be thorough, esp. upfront.